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Professional Land Surveyors

Flightline Geomatics was founded by Joshua Ford with the goal of bringing outstanding professional land surveying and GIS services to the aviation community. It’s with this focused vision that we can offer services tailored to the community we serve. Having over 8 years of experience as an airport consultant at more than a dozen airports, we have the experience and the energy to take on any airport surveying or GIS project.




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Experienced in FAA Airports-GIS surveys for Airspace Obstruction Analysis, PACS/SACS establishments, and Airport Layout Plans.  We are very familiar with AC 150/5300-16, 17 and 18.

Airport Property Maps

Research and compile land records and mapping data for use in Airport Property Maps.  These projects can be very involved if all of the items on the FAA SOP for Airport Property Maps is followed.  These include all parcels owned, previously owned, or those planned to be acquired.  They also include all easements and lease agreements that encumber airport property.

Airfield Construction

Survey control and construction layout for airfield construction projects from lighting to runway extensions.

Airport Lease Site Mapping

New and updated airport lease site layouts and descriptions.  These projects often involve development of lease site limits, boundary survey to locate adjacent lease sites, mapping of existing site improvements, and the creation of a new legal description and exhibit map for inclusion in the lease agreement.

Boundary Survey

Airports often include many individual legal parcels of land that have been acquired over many decades.  FAA Grant Assurance 4, Good Title, requires that clear and marketable title must be maintained by the sponsor airport for all property.

Airfield Topographic Surveys

Precisely locate and map airfield features and improvements for use by the airport engineer and architects.  

Enterprise GIS

Develop, deploy and maintains Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the airport community.   Our approach is to utilize the FAA AC 150/5300-18 format for GIS data.  This allows us to blend AGIS data with other necessary data without the need to create a new data structure.

Web Based GIS

Web based GIS, like ArcGIS Online form esri, allows for casual users to to utilize GIS data in a way that has never been available before.  Smart phones, tablets and desktop users can all take advantage of focused web maps and applications designed just for their needs.  We can help develop, design and deploy web maps and apps for these specific needs.